The unfolding story of Frank Lloyd Wright and New York.

Welcome. This website follows the trail of Wright and New York by Anthony Alofsin.  It also provides a forum to discuss issues that don’t have a regular home or lay on the cutting floor when the book was edited. It will also feature unpublished material and documents that Anthony has uncovered while researching his book over the last ten years. 



Wright and New York tells the story of how New York rescued Wright in the late 1920s and early 1930s from the doldrums of his career.  In doing so it reveals much about Wright, his circle of friends and colleagues and the whirl of New York at the end of the Jazz Age.


"…I rather devoured your book; the narrative was compelling, with just the right leavening of story. Its truly impressive quality, though, is shared in a way with the Yourcenar book: you balance an incredible grasp of the details, a burden, as it were, of true weight, with the demands of the chronology and the pleasure of a simple, smooth-moving tale. It doesn’t take much imagination to see you in the background holding the reins of a wild team of horses, keeping them all headed in the same direction, pulling the one chariot. It is an impressive sleight of hand, an alchemy really, turning stone into something so airy. Many congratulations on this achievement, a real tour de force.” Eddie Lewis, author, June 25, 2019.

Goodreads (March. 2019). Tthe largest site for readers and book recommendations in the world with over 85 million members:

“What an incredible read! Well researched and so interesting. Every facet of Wright's life is covered and the details of twentieth century New York are amazing! Wright and New York is filled with a stunning amount of wonderful, real photos. If you love architecture, history or are a New York buff-you are going to love every page of this book”  Laura Harrison